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What is the Liberty Tree? Or some may wonder what does the Liberty Tree mean? In my opinion, the Liberty Tree is a place where people gather together and have free will. According to research, during the american revolution, the Liberty Tree on boston common was a gathering place where patriots would share their thoughts on liberty. This makes me think, that the Liberty Tree monument is very important because it was one thing that made the people safe. In today’s matter, it’s clear that not many individuals take time to remember the purpose of the Liberty Tree and how it partially changed it’s time period. I believe that the Liberty Tree monument should be recognized for its good doing’s. The Liberty Tree is a forgotten symbol of the American…show more content…
The Liberty Tree is known as an important rally site because its were the people assembled to take a stance. The Liberty Tree a stately Elm tree on the Boston Commons served as a place to demonstrate dissatisfaction with British rule. According to the article it claims, “The tree grew to be a very important rally site. Protesters posted calls to action on it’s trunk. Towns in New England and beyond named their own liberty trees.” The people started to protest along side the rights for the Liberty Tree because they believed in the positive actions caused by the Liberty Tree. Hundreds of Boston citizens gathered under the tree to see the spectacle. After that, the tree became a symbol of objection to British policies. Complaints were posted on the tree’s trunk and the tree became an inspiration to other communities to establish their own Liberty…show more content…
The British took away a very important historical landmark from the local people of the society during the revolutionary war. For example, it states in the text “Early in the morning of August 14, Bostonians discovered a human dummy hanging from the tree. The initials “A.O” were pinned to it. They stood for Andrew Oliver, the Boston merchant who had agreed to collect the stamp tax.” The significance of this part of the article stands out meaning the residents of Boston believed that hurting one who punished them was the best choice. In addition, “In August of 1775, British troops and loyalists cut the tree down. This was only four months after the first battles of the Revolutionary War.” This evidence infer’s that, in exchange for the Boston people actions the British eliminated the most important place they had in there possession. I believe that the british shouldn't have done that, but instead punish the Boston individual’s in a different way not involving taking away the only safe place they have. The tree continued to serve as an important place to demonstrate opposition to British actions until August, 1775, when the tree was cut down by British troops. To conclude, the Liberty Tree is a significant place that needs to be recognized. The Liberty Tree obtains many historical events which are important to time. This Boston monument should not be abandoned but honored

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