1960's Song Analysis

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Taking a look back at the decades of the 1950s to the 1960s, this was a very crucial yet outstanding revolutionary time in America’s history. Focusing on two main points in this era which consist of both music and the specific events that helped shape this movement will help further our knowledge and insight on what went on during this period. Many different acts of music and marches shaped the passion for the Southern Civil Rights Movement due to how powerful these songs had to impact the accompaniment to the revolution for racial justice and equality in the region during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Whether these songs were sung in marches, big events, small events, or even on stages, these songs expressed the brutal urgency of the freedom…show more content…
For all of its spiritual and emotional energy given with this, it was for the most part not a major concern for the public eye than it was trying to get the job of corrupt the segregation process. Historically, African American music has always displayed the same message which was painting what they go through in life and paints it into music for the world to hear. Nevertheless, the black music has never really been looked at as a major thing in the world of music for a period of time. Even though this was the case, much like the Civil Rights Movement, black music was extremely adaptive, spiritual, creative and electrifying. It is believe this was the catapult to what we call “black music” and this was the time everything changed for both their rights with segregation and also their music…show more content…
I feel the purpose of all of this was to promote unity and respect no matter the color of the person’s skin and through music and speaking up aloud this to happen. Many people do not understand how important music is in all aspects of life. The civil rights movement shows that when someone or a group of people who are passionate enough to relay a message through music that I will pave its way into history and cause a great change. Not only did jazz, blues, and soul music rise within the war over equality but so did Folk music and Rock and

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