The American Dream Comparison

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The American Dream from the 1960s has some similarities to today’s American Dream. It is similar in the way that people still want the best for their lives and their kids lives. People still dream of having a job, an education, a home and a family, as they did in the 60s. The American Dream is the same today as it was in the 60s. The American Dream of having a job was very important everyone really wanted a job. Without a job you couldn’t support your family not even yourself. “The American Dream promise is not a right to happiness, but a right to achieve happiness on one's own. Having a job would mean having money and the better the job the more money you’ll have. In the 60s families would work to get money and support their families, as we still do today. When I get older I want to have a good paying job so that I can supply my family with all the things they need and…show more content…
Especially if you go to a good college and graduate its 95% likely you will have a career that will support you most of your life and your families life. School has always been a bit difficult for me but going to college when I’m older will be very important for my life, I want to have good life in every child deserves the chance to be given a good education. Having a big house, money, and a beautiful family would be the classic American Dream. That is what we live for; to grow up knowing that one day we will get married and have children of our own and a house for our family to grow up in. Even in the 1960s people had always wanted a family and something to protect them. Family is what keeps us all sane, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends come and go but family will always be there and it is our job to protect each other. I’m proud to say that my life will hopefully consist of children, a husband, and a beautiful
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