What Is The Difference Between Roaring 20's And The Great Gatsby

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The 1920’s was a time of celebration in the United States of America after World War 1. It was a period of time known as the ‘’Roaring Twenties’’. During this period it was a time of political isolationism, cultural, and social change. This includes the Jazz Age, American Dream and prohibition. The book, ‘The Great Gatsby’’ was set in New York City in 1922. This book reflected on what was happening during this era. The main character Jay Gatsby was young man that rose from his poor childhood. After the war he reinvented himself, with his shady business became rich and began to live a wealthy life. Gatsby liked showing off his money and threw very big parties at his mansion. This paper will provide a comparison and contrast between the Roaring 20’s and the Great Gatsby.…show more content…
This period of time was known as Prohibition. The government felt by banning alcoholic beverages it would reduce crime and reduce poverty .The Great Gatsby was during a time of Prohibition. Jay Gatsby in the 1920s became a bootlegger. A bootlegger is someone who illegally transports alcohol. He made his money off of bootlegging. He was able to purchase a mansion conveniently across the bay where his love interest named Daisy lived. Many Americans during this social climate illegally sold and transported alcohol. Americans living during this time period including gangsters made of lot of money and caused a lot of crime during the roaring twenties period. This post war period came from the trauma of dealing with the “Great War” and a desire to escape isolationism. It was a time a great fun, amusement, and

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