Comparing Poems 'Mother To Son And The Blindside'

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Stereotypical segregation persists in society today due to people’s ill informed judgements of others because of differences in their race and colour. Langston Hughes's poem ‘mother to son’ and the film The Blindside explore the problems/struggles African Americans have had in society due to the persistence of discriminatory behaviour and stereotypes throughout the years. In this comparative essay we explore through the social context seen in society and how these two people are categorised to a group due to stereotypes associated to their skin colour. Langston Hughes 'mother to son' reflects on how life was back in 1930’s America through his own experiences/perspective as an African American at the time of the Harlem renaissance. The Blindside portrays the life of a young African American who lives in a society of segregation and…show more content…
Langston Hughes’ poem 'mother to son' shows the social context of society based in the time of the 1930s Harlem Renaissance where society was segregated whilst The Blindside is based on more recent times. Both of these works highlight the stereotypes related to race and the difficulties/obstacles in society. ‘Mother to son’ is a free verse poem of a mother having a conversation with her son about her past life experiences. "Life for me ain't no crystal stair , it had tacks in it and splinters and boards torn up and places with no carpet on the floor” as quoted in the poem, states her struggles in life due to being an African American thus the social segregation due to their economic status and colour. The repetition of the word 'and' gives the audience a sense that the struggles of African Americans are endless compared to that of a white person. Being an African American meant their income, status and job opportunities were vastly inferior compared to white society. The African Americans had little job opportunities thus leading to the stereotype

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