Social Conflict In Somalia

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In 1990, Siad Barre's military had lost control over most of the country and was reduced mainly to defending Mogadishu. Throughout this period, the United States continued to maintain good relations with Siad Barre because of the intervening imperative of maintaining military access to Berbera. By early 1991, Siad Barre had been driven out of office and out of Somalia by his clan enemies, with the end of Siad barre regime the Cold War had formally ended up, and the Dergue regime in Ethiopia had been defeated and replaced by Tigrayan and Eritrean guerrilla armies. Unlike Ethiopia,and than a new government was able to restore order and take control expeditiously, Somalia fell into a state of anarchy after Siad Barre's removal. After the collapse…show more content…
Somalia is a country of Horn of Africa, which is located in eastern part of Africa. Somalia states are crumbling due to mounting social conflict depends on the nature of political economy. The changing political economy leads the formation of social groups of different nature but in Somali society two social groupings are clearly visible firstly economic level which can be defined as class and other social groupings appears at social level such as clan, religious and cultural religion. It can be seen in many more other forms which carry the traditional heritage with their socio economic demands. Both the categories of social groups act as an independent variables but sometimes it appears with multiple character and they become dependent on each…show more content…
A form of trade which gains are surely not equally distributed and that contributes to sustain poorer countries in their backwards states. Somalia has not diversified their economy and develops their infrastructure, just because of Social political and economic instability. As a result Piracy problem is a different type of problem in Somalia emerged on Indian Ocean. Piracy is also major cause of instability in Somalia. Somali pirates have been one of the big problems of this region. Pirates causing international concern after disrupting global flows of global trade-off the coast of

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