Benefits Of The Scramble For African Imperialism

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During the late 19th Century imperialism was a large focus for many of the European nations. The need for expand and increase their countries worth and resources lead to an event known as the scramble for Africa. European world powers at the time agreed on a first come first serve basis when splitting up Africa’s land. Most of the disputes that arose over who claimed land first were solved peacefully in conferences. However the scramble for Africa began to divide the major world powers before World War I. The intense competition and shear amount at stake created tensions and distrust among the world leaders that would later reemerge in World War I. The scramble for Africa took place during the years of 1881 and 1914, and gets its name for the intense and quick takeover of the continent of Africa during the years (Hauss 42). Imperialism spread though Europe like wild fire during this time, as they quickly realized the benefit that Africa could offer their countries.…show more content…
Great Britain and France formed an alliance to acquire new land from hostile inhabits(Rose). Yet not everyone enjoyed the benefits of working together, as Germany was late to the party. As a newer European country Germany did not possess the navy required to travel and acquire new lands in Africa like that of Great Britain and France. Many German natives felt that their amount of colonies directly represented their countries importance. Since Germany failed to acquire land quickly, citizens felt that Germany was not receiving its due as a great nation. Even more insulting was the little amount of land that Germany did acquire, was basically the trash that Great Britain and France did not want (Rose). After a while it began to take a toll on Germany as it led to a superiority complex that made Germany feel like the weaker man in

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