Bloomingdales Interview Process

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Imagine how it would feel having your own office looking over the city while working for one of the top leading retail department stores in America straight out of college. As most know, Bloomingdales legacy has been leading the forefront since the mid-1800’s. How did Bloomingdales’ accomplish such a big task? With more than 166,000 employees, Bloomingdales is constantly striving to provide a better shopping experience for their customers. One way to achieve that goal would be to sell the products the customers want and need while at the same time, offering a price they are willing to pay for. This is the area where a Buyer would come in handy. I was honored to actually interview Marcia Morgan, who happened to be a former lingerie buyer for Bloomingdales, and I was able to learn about the experiences she gained while working there. Before Bloomingdales……show more content…
Straight out of high school, she attended a summer program where she was able to learn about the process a store goes through in order to keep up with sales and inventory. She then moved on to attend New York Institute of Technology where she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing. Right after college, she landed a job as a public relations finance accountant at a large accounting firm who handled clients such as Volvo and many other well-known companies. With these experiences under her belt, she was able to stick out from all of the other applicants when applying for job at

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