Texting In The Classroom

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Kids Hindering Their Education By Putting Handheld Devices First Priority You’re in class and you hear a vibrate from your phone. The teacher doesn’t hear anything so you glance at it. Soon you start replying to the text message and aren’t listening to the teacher anymore. She assigned something and you didn’t even hear what the assignment was. Texting and cell phone use has caused young people to be less able to concentrate and focus on what is important at their age and be more distracted by social media and texting. Discussion about cell phone use in classrooms has been a big deal. I think that cellphone use has caused young people to be less able to pay attention because they have the first reaction to look at their phone. The message from their friends, snapchat, or even looking at facebook has caused kids to be more dependent on their handheld devices rather than getting their education.…show more content…
Trying to put the phone on silent isn’t going to stop kids from not looking at it.... kids are so dependent on social media and what is happening this weekend rather than learning in the classroom. In the article “Texting In Class”,” a study shows that 86% of young people said that texting is why they were using their cellphone in class” (Scott). If the teacher is letting students use their cell phones in class, who is to say that they are actually learning with them. I think that if the teacher gives a child work time, the kid then gets to choose if they want to play on their phone or choose to learn. The cause of that will be less likely because it is then the child's fault that they didn’t use their time wisely. Young people shouldn’t be able to have their phone out if the teacher is teaching because it is a distraction to them to be on
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