Social Media Is A Drawback To Today's Society

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Social media is most definitely a drawback to today's society and is becoming a big problem. Everyone these days are constantly checking their phone or never putting it down while doing something. People can not even put their phones while at a family dinner to socialize with family members. "Forty-four percent admit to allowing social media to divert their attention from in-person interactions." (article 2). Of course, it is not as bad as texting while driving but it still can be a problem. Social media is not all that bad, but it definitely needs to be controlled on how much someone uses social media. Social media is a big deal in the twenty-first century; it is almost too much of a big deal. "A 2012 study from the University of Essex…show more content…
"According to a Common Sense Media study, 28% of teens say their parents are "addicted" to their mobile devices, and 21% wish their parents would spend less time glued to their phones or other devices." (article 2). Even parents are having trouble with being on their phone and their kids not being able to spend time with them. It is almost too hard to believe just how much of time parents do not realize how much they spend on their phone. Parents need to understand that spending time with family is a blessing and they do not need to ruin that. Social media is everywhere nowadays and people of many ages will most likely forever be addicted to their phone. Even young children are addicted to playing games since their parents give it to them to keep them busy. "Fifty-four percent of "Digital natives" (people who were born in the age of the internet) agree with the statement, "I prefer texting people rather than talking to them." (article 2). It is bad when people can not even have a conversation with no one anymore because all they want to do is text each other: which of course makes them be on their phone even

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