Project Classroom Makeover: Cathy Davidson's 'Great To Watch'

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In today’s society we are bound to use technology as a utensil for many aspects of our lives. Many believe technology is the best way of obtaining knowledge due to the unlimited access it gives individuals. However, technology is a detriment because as technology evolves, people become less likely to obtain knowledge. Technology in many cases is the Internet, social media and texts. Meanwhile, knowledge is the information individuals have obtained and understood through experiences, education and books. Learning from technology is discussed in Cathy Davidson’s “Project Classroom Makeover” where she describes the benefits of technology for individuals who have different learning techniques. However, Maggie Nelson in her passage “Great to Watch”…show more content…
Technology is a detriment to individuals because as technology evolves; individuals become less likely to obtain knowledge. Technology is a disadvantage for individuals who are seeking knowledge because it takes us out of reality and puts us in a completely different world. Technology controls our inhibitions and our ideas which can limit what we think and blind us from reality. The truth does not exist in technology because you can never know if someone altered the information you are reading. As technology evolves, individuals rely more on the information they read online. Individuals tend to believe the information online and eventually do not think for themselves. This is not knowledge because they are not mastering and fully understanding the concepts. Students do not learn by themselves, but instead look up answers for quizzes and homework assignments. This shows that technology limits their mastery of concepts. Homework is something you learn from. It helps individuals learn and shows the teacher if they need extra time learning the information. Individuals learn by using…show more content…
Technology is a distraction to individuals because it causes them to not pay attention during class because they are busy using sources of media such as social media or texting. In Davidson’s passage she implies that students learn best when they are paying attention and focusing. By using their senses individuals focus, which leads to them understanding and learning. Davidson states “It was a little wild, a little wicked, exactly what you have to do in a calculated exercise in disruption, difference, distraction, and difference: a lesson in institutional unlearning” (Davidson 50). Davidson wants individuals to focus but she promotes disruptions and distractions like technology in the classroom. As technology evolves, individuals in classrooms learn less due to the distraction and disruption. Individuals do not learn because they are too busy texting. Attention is very important to learning because it allows individuals to process the information. The key word that Davidson uses is calculated, where she implies that individuals will still learn according to a schedule. However, the outcome of this was that individuals were too focused on creating learning applications that they forgot about learning the material. Davidson does admit that iPods wasted class time, due to the fact that individuals needed training on it. Technology causes various

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