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CONCLUSION English is a language that used abbreviation and acronyms the beginning of its existence, and many texts contain abbreviated words, Eric Partridge’s Dictionary of Abbreviations 1942 being an example. The only difference between the above said and “text speak” is that it is a “step forward” in the method of communication. That being said, it must be noted that texters are indeed not the only ones to use nonstandard forms such as “cos” and “what”, most of these are part and parcel of the English literary tradition, and are also part of the Oxford English Dictionary. Words like “cos” has been existing since the 1800’s and such abbreviations could even be found in literary dialect representations such as Charles Dickens, And Mark Twain.…show more content…
This is being stated based on the evidence provided above which reflects the many avenues of the use of “text speak” and it shows that “text speak” doesn’t necessarily have to be considered as a negative or a hold back for the use of English, instead it can be considered to help students of any age, especially children, to fully understand the ways in which English can be manipulated in order to achieve academic excellence in English answers. Nonetheless, the objective of this research was to see the extent to which the use of “text speak” language affects standard academic answers, and as evidentially shown above, it can be said that the use of “text speak” does impact standard academic answers, but only to a certain extent. To a larger extent, the factors mentioned above play a tremendous role. Furthermore, another objective was to observe whether students recognize the impending disaster the constant use of “text speak” could bring. In answer this question, it can be said that as said above, amongst the student population, to a large extent this has been identified as an issue, however many agree that as long as the formal and proper methods are taught, it is highly unlikely that the students will fall into the grasps of writing “text speak” language in their academic…show more content…
This practice ensures that despite the continuing use of short hand words, the experience and knowledge would ensure that the practice does not wear off. Moreover, it is important to realise that communication, in itself, is an art, and we as students must ensure that this art is used to aid us in communication, and should not be a reason for us to depreciate our knowledge and experience in

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