European Gothic Literature

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The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole and The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe are two different gothic stories written from two different countries. I have learned that European gothic stories though Chapter one of The Castle of Otranto story focus on medieval and romantic elements while also having European gothic themes such as depression, castles being a place that has a haunting presence, a feeling of isolation within the castle setting, troubling relationship that Manfred and Isabella have within the story, women like Isabelle being the dismal in distress and a feeling of horror when unexplained events happen within the story. The story focuses on a tyrant named Manfred who wants to marry a woman named Isabella by any…show more content…
The helmet that Manfred found his dead son buried underneath of at the beginning of the chapter. Afterword's the portrait of his grandfather gives a deep sigh which only distracts Manfred for just a moment. In another scene, two servants tell Manfred that they spotted a limbs of a giant in a armor in a chamber close by causing Manfred to focus on learning more about the strange events happening in the castle before continuing his pursuit of Isabella. The way the two servants described the event adds a feeling of dread and horror as if they saw the devil himself in the castle. Castle of Otranto like most European gothic stories had these gothic elements within its story. But it should be noted that many consider Castle of Otranto to be the first gothic novel to be written and the novel that started the gothic genre for novels. The Fall of the House of Usher had supernatural elements too but it also followed on macabre themes that European gothic stories did not follow. In the story, the narrator is told by Roderick that they buried his sister alive in a entomb and she appears right in front of him and falls on Roderick. When this happens Roderick and his sister turned into corpses when they hit the floor together, after that Roderick mansion sinks into a tern by itself after the narrator escapes the house. This was an supernatural and unexplained event that happens within The Fall of the House of
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