Testimony In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Heck Tate Testimony: Heck Tate was leaving the office and Bob Ewell said that Tom Robinson had raped Mayella and beat her. Bob drove to Tom’s home and brought him back. Mayella identified him as the person. Atticus made it clear that no one called the doctor. The injuries- around her head, bruises on her arm and a black eye on her right side. Bob Ewell Testimony: Before sundown he was coming in from the woods and when he was at the fence he heard his daughter screaming. He ran up to the window and saw Tom raping Mayella. The room looked like there was a fight in there. He saw the rapist was Tom and he ran inside and after he saw Mayella he went to Heck Tate. He said he asked the county for fifteen years to clean the black people out of the place and that they are dangerous to live around. He also did not contact the doctor, they then found out that he was literate and he is left handed. The injuries- Many Bruises, neck injuries and…show more content…
She was sitting on the front porch doing nothing. She was supposed to chop up some chiffarobe. She asked Tom to do it for her and she said she would pay him a nickel. When she went in the house to get a nickle to pay him she turned around and he was on her. Tom grabbed her neck and hit her repeatedly. While he was doing it she kicked and screamed loudly. The next thing she knew Bob was saying ‘Who done it ?’ She intentionally avoids questions. She is the oldest of seven brothers and sisters. Atticus asked if she loved and got along with her father. She responded ‘yes’ and so Atticus said ‘even when he's drunk?’ she said ‘yes’ and said that he had never beat her before. Tom was said to be known by her but she never asked him to come inside the fence. She didn’t even know if he hit her face or not. She said Tom raped her and Tom stood up and everyone saw his left arm was shorter than his right. Atticus asked her where the other children were over five times but she didn't
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