Healthier School Lunches Research Paper

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There's a lot of people who agree or disagree to having healthier school food. Some people say junk food should sparsely be sold in school lunches, but others say there should be more junk food than normal. Also there is some people who say that children should have more variety in school lunches, and it is up to to decide what they want to eat. The kind of food you eat helps your mood along with weight. Healthy food helps your weight and your mood but it is easier to eat unhealthy. Healthier lunches at schools is needed. There should be some, or at least a little unhealthy food in schools. It's so easy to eat unhealthy food. It doesn't cost much, and tastes good. For example the dollar menu at McDonalds. Gives children more of a variety in food. Kids enjoy unhealthy food, they like the taste of it more. As long as the schools don’t overload on the unhealthy food kids can have, then it wouldn't be a problem to add a little bit to the menu.…show more content…
Even if what they learn about nutrition is not ideal due to the food industry’s influence on what is taught, the food served at school should set a healthy example. “Students may like unhealthy foods, but the hypocrisy is not lost on them when schools serve food that is not healthy.” Just like students who go home and tell their parents not to smoke because of what they learned at school, students become advocates for healthy eating at home when they learn about and experience healthy eating at school – “we have seen this happen with the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack programs and also our Cool School Food program, which provides healthy plant-based entrees at school.” Learning about healthy eating is a life lesson that not only helps each student, but the ripple effect has a positive impact on their families and generations to

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