How Appearance Is Deceiving In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Appearances can be very deceiving To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, shows many ways the appearance is deceiving from the true reality through the characters in the novel. It displays many ways we ‘judge a book by its cover’ when in reality they are soft hearted and very kind. Many people believe Boo Radley,Atticus,and Tom Robinson to be frightening,rude,a rapist,or even a supporter of blacks, But in reality they are handsome,kind,a slave,and even just a lawyer. Boo Radley,Atticus Finch,and Tom Robinson and three kind hearted,and generous people,that appear differently, who just wanted to help someone. One way the appearance is deceiving from the true reality is for Boo Radley. The children believe Boo to be a killer and a horrid person, but in reality he is a soft hearted person. "When I pointed to him his palms slipped slightly, leaving greasy sweat streaks on the wall, and he hooked his thumbs in his belt. A strange small spasm shook him, as if he heard fingernails scrape slate, but as I gazed at him in wonder the tension slowly drained from his face. His lips parted into a timid smile, and our neighbor's image blurred with my sudden tears.'Hey, Boo,' I said" (Lee 270). Here, for…show more content…
He is accused of raping Mayella Ewell but in reality her father committed the crime. "Mr. Ewell wrote on the back of the envelope and looked up complacently to see Judge Taylor looking at him as if he were some fragrant gardenia in full bloom on the witness stand, to see Mr. Gilmer half-sitting, half standing at his table. The jury was watching him, one man leaning over with his hands over the railing.'What's so interesting'?' he asked’'You're left handed Mr. Ewell,' said Judge Taylor" (Lee 177). This quote demonstrates Atticus' intelligence and the first major weakness in Bob Ewell’s case. Atticus believes Mr. Ewell beat Mayella, not Tom, and demonstrates Bob’s use of his left hand when he writes in comparison to Tom’s disabled left

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