Analyzing The Song 'Believer'

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SONG 1: Believer - American Authors The song, “Believer” by American Authors represents the character Chloe, and her personality. Lots of the lyrics relate to how she describes herself. In part of the song, it says “I’m a little bit nervous; I’m going nowhere.” and in the book, she complains how she is too scared and nervous to approach her crush so she is going nowhere with him.The lyric “I’ve never been that lucky, I’ve never tasted fame” relates to how Chloe is not very lucky (she ran a train of shopping carts into a car) and how she doesn’t have a very interesting life because she works at a supermarket. The chorus, “I’m just a believer that things will get better” represents Chloe and her attitude. She doesn’t have a very good life, but she continues to be an optimist and believe that everything will end up well in the end. She is often…show more content…
The whole song is about being okay while you are in the middle of danger. In the book, Chloe and her co-workers are being accused of stealing donation money. The lyric, “I’m stuck up in the storm eye, I guess i’ll be allright” talks about how Chloe is in trouble, tense, and nervous, but she will still end up ok because she didn’t steal the money. The sentence “Everything is fine, when you’re standing in the eye of the hurricane” represents how her and her co-workers are in trouble, and trapped in the store,(the eye of the hurricane) but they are still having fun and racing around in shopping carts. A completely different take on the song could represent Chloe suffering with diabetes. The sentence “Yeah it’s twisting up my insides, can’t hide it on the outside” could represent how Chloe didn’t want anyone to know she was running low on blood sugar, but she couldn’t hide it. Another lyric, “Think the clouds are clogging up my brain” could state how she couldn’t think clearly because of her symptoms. SONG 4: When Can I See You Again - Owl

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