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Guard dog training for a Labrador We all love the idea of getting a friendly, cuddly and sweet dog, but sometimes we desire a more aggressive dog that can safeguard our young ones. Well, it turns out that getting the best of both worlds is not that difficult. Apparently, Labradors (AKA the friendliest dog breed of all) can be trained to become guard dogs. It does require a little bit of innovative techniques and a lot of patience. Now, here are some of the tips and techniques that have personally worked for me as well as other people to train their dogs. The 7 steps to success Safety first... You must wear a protective glove that only covers your hand but basically your entire arm. This is a necessary safety precaution to prevent injury.…show more content…
This can be done by getting a fake blowup doll that resembles a human being and leaving it at a good distance away from your pet. Simply, just point at the "fake" intruder and say "attack". This might not work at the beginning and your dog might actually attack your own arm as he was trained to that. If that happens make sure not to be discouraged and know that that is completely normal. They understand it in the end if you keep on pointing to the "fake" intruder and they eventually see your hand. Once you are successful at this step repeat it for 5 to 7 times to make sure your dog has gotten the idea of your arm as a potential lunch out of his head. This one will require the help of a very loyal friend... As a step further, try getting one of your friends to act as the intruder, but never forget... Safety first (by wearing a complete protective outfit this time). You'll do the exact same as the "fake" doll. So, just remember point at the so called "intruder" and yell "attack". Repeat this also for 5 to 7 times till your pet is absolutely certain of what he is doing. However, if you forget to treat him for his success he will lack the motivation to keep going and it would be practically impossible to get him to do
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