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What you need to consider when buying the best infant car seat Knowing the right infant car seat can be the most difficult decision especially if you are first time parent. Here is what to consider when buying infant car seat Meets safety standards The car seat must have passed current safety standards ( Some brands have gone beyond regular safety standard and added more security features such as: Anti-rebound back that helps limit movement during the crash. Not all infant car seat has this feature. Large pad or cushion on the shoulder and head which help protect impact around the areas. Load leg that extends from the back of the car seat down to the floor of your vehicle. It helps…show more content…
Such seat can be annoying and frustrating choose the seat that you can easily unbuckle, attach and detach to the base, adjust, buckle and remove the pads or cover for washing. Weight and height Most infant car seat can handle the minimum weight of 4 pounds or 1.8kg up to 30-35 pounds (13.6-15.9 kg) and a height of 35 inches. There are some brands that don’t accommodate babies with less 7 or 9 pounds they include an insert to offer support to their small baby and give then comfy fit not to feel like they are swimming in a car seat. In most cases, babies will grow taller than the way they add weight. Such case is expected their feet push against car seat and legs bend down. If your baby exceeds the infant car seat maximum height or weight consider buying infant convertible car seat which supports small babies from 4 pounds to toddle up to 120 pounds. Note most infant convertible car seat does not detach from the base and don’t have a handle for carrying your sleeping baby everywhere you go like infant car seat. So make sure you check the car seat label for weight and height specification. Car size Every car seat is different make sure you buy infant car seat that fits in your

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