Importance Of Education In Childcare

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Firstly, Regulation 5: Health, Welfare and Development of the Child, states that “A person carrying on a pre-school service shall ensure that each child’s learning, development and well-being is facilitated within the daily life of the service through the provision of the appropriate opportunities, experiences, activities, interaction, materials and equipment, having regard to the age and stage of development of the child and the child’s cultural context.” (Child Care (Pre-School Services) (No 2) (Amendment) Regulations, 2006.) Meaning that, a conducive learning environment is fostered to ensure optimal learning opportunities for every child. The curriculum used in the preschool should be developmentally appropriate for the child and ensures…show more content…
Referring to Regulation 8.1, an individual executing the services of a preschool service must ensure (a) a sufficient number of suitable and competent adults are working directly with the pre-school children in the pre-school service at all times. The teachers and assistants hired to work in the preschool has to be trained in Early Childhood as it makes a big difference. I witnessed the importance of hiring teachers with an education degree in early years back when I was working in a preschool in Malaysia. The management can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on training new employees as the teachers with the suitable degree have been trained to work with young children. They know that being respectful and talking to children at eye level is a basic form of courtesy when working in a preschool, this in turn promotes a supportive and caring environment for the kids. Furthermore, every class should be well equipped with the proper facilities and a low student to teacher ratio for optimal learning as it allows children the chance to have more personal interaction with the teachers. Having sufficient staff can prevent childminders and teachers from being overloaded and avoid job…show more content…
Threatening language or coercion is banned as it will affect the child’s emotion and install fear. Language that mocks and degrades a child’s abilities, identity or disability is strictly prohibited within the preschool premises. Teachers and staff will be trained to be alert and lookout for the safety and welfare of the children. The children interest and well being is the main priority and should be the common goal of every staff who works in the preschool. Following regulation 9.3, staff handbooks and protocols on how to manage challenging behaviour of students will be handed out to every teacher and childminder before they are assigned to work with children. When the teachers and childminders are aware of the approaches that are developmentally appropriate and suitable to manage challenging behaviour, it can prevent them from misconducting. These knowledge and skills will also benefit the teacher’s classroom management and improve the learning environment of the

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