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The charming killer Theodore Robert Cowell was born in a Vermont home for unwed mothers on 24 November 1946, to Louise Cowell, and was raised initially by his grandparents. Teddy, as he was known, believed that his grandparents were his parents, and that his mother was his elder sister, a circumstance that was fairly common in illegitimate births at that time. When his mother married Johnnie Bundy in 1951, her son took his stepfather’s name, and was known thereafter as Ted Bundy. Nobody knows for sure when Ted unraveled the mystery of his birth history because he gave conflicting stories about it afterward. When Eleanor married Johnnie Bundy on May 19, 1951, her son had finally had the name he would carry for life, Ted Bundy. His classmates…show more content…
Once in high school, people’s recollections of Bundy suddenly become more clouded. Years later he met the love of his life. Her name was Stephanie and she was older than him – a beautiful young woman who wore her long, dark hair parted in the middle. Her resemblance to Bundy’s later victims is striking. But, by the time she graduated she was starting to get bored with Bundy, feeling he was too childish and immature, so she broke up with him, and moved to San Francisco. Bundy’s lack of confidence and tendency toward manipulation had ruined the relationship. He soon dropped out of Stanford, reportedly devastated. Ted’s brother recalls that before the breakup with Stephanie, Ted was always in charge of his emotions. He had never seen his brother so upset and moody. Bundy then waited until the fall and re-entered the University of Washington with a sense of purpose, turning form an average student into an honor student. He excelled at his studies and became increasingly involved in local politics, continuing to work on and off for political campaigns. Around this date several women were found dead on different states in America and a national history began to take form and after these murders changed the behavior of a nation that had to face

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