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“Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest- Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!”(73) This song captures the essence of Robert Louis Stevenson’s literary classic, Treasure Island. The setting of the novel is in the sixteenth century when pirate rogues dominated the seas. The story focuses on the journey of Jim Hawkins in his search for a hidden pirate treasure. Jim Hawkins is a central character who must overcome numerous obstacles to protect himself and those he loves. Jim Hawkins is a character capable of facing countless hardships with maturity and boldness. He is the son of the owners of an inn known as the “Admiral Benbow.” Compassion is a marked trait of his as is evidenced by his pity for the old seaman. “It is a curious thing to understand, for I had certainly never liked the man, though of late I had begun to pity him, but as soon as I saw that he was dead I burst into a flood of tears.”(86) While…show more content…
When the old seaman first arrives at the inn, Hawkins is still a child. He lacks the maturity that comes with life experience. Unfortunately, he is thrust into a position which requires substantial maturity when his father dies. While he is still mourning for his father, the old seaman dies and their inn is ransacked by pirates. The day after his father’s funeral the old seaman dies and his writing shows how little he has experienced. “It was the second death I had known, and the sorrow of the first was still fresh in my heart.”(86) He quickly discovers the kind of man he is when under pressure. As he and his mother flee the inn, his mother faints. “‘My dear,’ said my mother suddenly, ‘take the money and run on. I am going to faint.’”(90) Though the rogues are near, Jim chooses not to leave his mother. “So there we had to stay-my mother almost entirely exposed and both of us within earshot of the inn.”(90) Though the circumstances are grim, he is brave enough to face the terror of the

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