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Recently, there are many kinds of computer games created by human. Some of them are Science-fiction games, some of them are first-person shooter games, some of them are Role-Playing-Game and some of them are Action games. But here is a big and good question, how are they created? Are they created by some fantastic ideas? Or are they created by some accidents? No, they are wrong. The reason why there are lots of different kinds of excellent games is that they are created by the older games, in another word, they develop from the older games. In the past, there are lots of older games, the technology and the history of them are interesting and important, like a video game theorist and occasional game developer, Jesper Juul writes " The history…show more content…
The relationship between a technological phenomenon such as the computer and the less formally based culture is not a simple one: some theories will claim that technology determines culture, some will claim that culture determines technology. It may be most reasonable to see this as a history of mutual influences, where technology can inspire (or enable) cultural developments, and cultural developments can inspire new technology. To quote an obvious example, the computer game was originally developed on equipment designed for military and academic purposes. But today the computer game is the driving force in the development of much hardware such as 3d graphics accelerators." (paragraph 1). So, do these older computer games really useful and important? Of course, the older computer games are important to present games and the games in the future because they influence today's games, they create different patterns of the games and they change computer games'…show more content…
They are the start point of all kinds of computer games, they also create games' history and whole life. The first computer game was created in 1962, this computer game is the beginning of the whole games, like someone opens a door of new world, and this man is Stephen Russell a.o. Jesper Juul writes" The first computer game is generally assumed to be the game Spacewar!, developed in 1962 at MIT (Stephen Russell a.o.). Spacewar originally ran on a PDP-1 computer the size of a large car. By today’s standards, the graphics are rather primitive, although less primitive than many games form the 1980’s. The game as such is not bad: Two players each control a spaceship circling a planet. The players can shoot each other, turn their ships, and accelerate. The goal is - naturally - to hit the other player before being hit yourself " (paragraph 2). This shows the first computer games, Spacewar is very simple and easy to control, but it was a miracle in 1962. At that time, computers were very huge and ancient, we can only do a few things on those computers. However, in that situation, the first computer games in the world Spacewar was created, this was incredible. Stephen Russell changed impossibilities to possibilities, he gave an opportunity that computer games could develop and become better and better because there was a thing called computer games in

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