Essay On Panic Attack

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Panic attack is a sudden feeling of very strong fear or extreme inconvenience and discomfort that is most often described as a feeling that something terrible has happened - we have a feeling that we will die, lose control, crash or go crazy. The attacks usually do not last longer than half an hour but within a few minutes reach the pinnacle. However, the subjective feeling is that they last forever. Sometimes we think that attack will never end. It's Not surprisingly that in the moments of panic attack people expect death from exhaustion so severe and prolonged panic. Резултат слика за panic attack During the attack person have these symptoms: shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat and / or irregular heartbeat, vertigo, dizziness, unconsciousness, "rubber legs", numbness, loss of…show more content…
When the attack happens most people often trying to escape from the situation, the place where the attack happened in the hope that in that way the attack will disappear .They often go home and feel better as soon as they get there. Later they create the impression that the house is the only safe place. Or, ask her family and friends to keep (if happen "real" fall, mad or has a heart attack), you , or to follow us when you go somewhere. Although more than 90% of people do not understand themselves to explain why the attack occurred. The first panic attack may occurred in a time of stress increased when we are physically exhausted, sick, in constant strife to work or home, when we felt that we can't handle that stresses and effort anymore. Often the first attack occurs a few days or weeks after childbirth, the period of mourning after the loss of a loved one, after the divorce, in a state of hangover, during withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, etc... When we feel satisfied, safe, relaxed, and when we are not exposed to great stress, panic attacks are
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