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Written Assignment Unit 3 In this paper we will be looking at a quite famouse case that took place in 1992 and got lots of media attention for winning a case against MC donalds. The lady Stella Liebeck was 79 years old, and she recieved 3rd degree burns over her groin where she spilled the coffee by accident. She spent 8 days in hospital for her injuries and then another 2 years undergoing skin grafting to repair the damaged skin. At the time when this was all taking place people where calling this the poster child of excessive lawsuits over tort, and that this was just a start of many more casses to come in the future. In this paper we will be analizing the case for information and try to answer the questions…show more content…
Ms.Liebeck basis for her claim against Mc Donalds was that she had recieved 3rd degree burns from the coffee that she by accident spilled into her lap causing her servere burns in the process. The burns caused her severe pain and she also had to foot the medical bills for it. She wanted…show more content…
Mc Donalds also came forward and saying that they know about 700 other inccidents that happened where their clients bought coffee and was also burned by the product but did not plan on changing anything about the way they serve coffee. Was the alleged tort intentional, negligent, or strict liability? Why did Ms. Liebeck's lawyers believe that McDonald's was liable to Ms. Liebeck? Well I think MS.Liebecks lawyers thought Mc Donalds was liable to MS.Liebeck first as she was a customer of MC Donalds and had there product in her hand and also the fact that she was on their property when the inciddent took place. She had expensive medical bills that she had to pay for her recovery. Mc Donalds was also aware of the 700 other inciddents regarding their hot drinks where there was also complaints and inuries but state that this figure is hardly anything if you compare it to the millions of hot drinks sold by their company every year. Mc Donalds did also not want to sell the coffee at a lower temperature or do anything to change its coffee layout on its cup to make the people more aware of the hot content. As they where more worried about there profits then trying

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