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Hutt, Alec Taylor Swift In recent years, Taylor Swift has grown from a simple country singer to an international pop icon. She is an inspiration to many, a household name, and one of the leading figures in the feminist movement. Taylor Swift was born in Pennsylvania and was raised in the suburbs by two bankers. While they may not have been employed in the most creative of jobs, young Taylor still showed a passion for music as early as the age of nine. Her favorite singer? Shania Twain, of course. As she became more and more interested in music and singing, she began to go to talent shows and did quite well. Not only did she win them, but she also scored a chance to open for Charlie Daniels—all before she was fifteen. After those successes, she decided to broaden her horizons. Swift began to learn how to play guitar and she also began to dabble with song writing. Her first big break came when she signed a music management deal with Dan Dymtrow, a step that lead her parents to relocate to…show more content…
I prefer rapping, honestly, but Swift gives me the motivation to write my own lyrics no matter what obstacles I encounter. If there is a verse I feel, I have to write it down immediately. Taylor Swift has taught me that no matter where I come from or what my age is, I too can be successful one day in the music business. I’m also proud to say that Swift had broadened my music tastes. I never used to like country a whole lot before I got into her music. It didn’t feel like hardcore country like one might find when listening to artists like Blake Shelton or Tim McGraw. To me, the continuous addition of pop elements to her music made it easier for me to get into country by going backwards through her discography. It has made me feel less narrow minded about music genres in general and I feel as though I am no longer so quick to judge songs by their

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