Lennie Character Analysis

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George is a good friend to Lennie, because he looks out for him and protects him.george takes care of lennie because he has a mind of a child nd protect himself. lenie is very strong, george and lennie work and travel together which is very unusual at the time. Which already makes lennie a liability to george. George is a true friend because he still protects him despite the challenges. Since lennie is always gettin in trouble george has to make his choice for him. like when george and lennie went to the ranch for the first time george lennie to stay quiet because he might say something wrong but it seemed too the other workers that he was using him. george always has to protect lennie because lennie always gets into trouble. he never means any harm but it never interprets that way to…show more content…
That makes george a true friend because he know lennie is lonely and doesn't comprehend things like an adult and keeps him out of trouble. Lennie is not smart but he is very strong, which can be both good and bad. When curley fights lennie he doesn't know what to do , then george tells him to protect himself. lenie breaks curleys hand. this foreshadows and shows his very strong physical ability.when george kills lennie it was because he was trying to protect from pain.he knew that killing curley's wife people wanted to hurt and shoot him in the gut which would make dies painfully. But lennie didn't understand the big mistake he made. george really cared about lennie. George knew that even if they did escape it would be a matter of time until he made another mistake, and they couldn't keep runing from society. he didn't want lennie to feel confused about their friendship. George didn't want lennie to think that he was betraying. George made sure he was in a happy place , he didn't want him to be fearful or scared. he told lennie "No, Lennie. Look down there across the river, like you can almost see the
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