Comparing Lex Luthor And The Arrow/Oliver Queen

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Lex Luthor and The Arrow/Oliver Queen are similar because how they let past experiences effect their futures and their need to better something for what they perceive as a greater mission. However they differ in their outlook on life and they how they should treat others but also in the way they use aggression for their mission. The history of Lex Luthor is based in connection to those he knows and through a past that constantly entraps him. His past is focused on what-ifs. His story starts in the town of Small Ville. When we first see Lex, he is a young boy doing business with his father in a farming division of Luthor Corp. When a meteor shower hits the small quaint town he is one of the most affected. He was witness to the destruction; because of him…show more content…
He lost his hair and was now considered a freak to his already judgmental peers who described him as different due to his constant over achieving and smarts. As he grew older, he was constantly looking for acceptance from those that shunned him. Forgotten by a father that once cared for him, but now can barely stand to look at him due to what Lex reminds him of. Failure as a family man, and failure to be in control. Things that Lionel Luthor always used as being the perfect image. To not have the reminder of his failures he ships Lex off to Small Ville. While in Small Ville he is reckless to the point of death. During a car accident he is rescued by Clark Kent. Lex suspicious of why he survived such a horrible accident decides to investigate the Kent’s, and their mysterious adopted son. He investigates them to the point of obsession. Using whatever he can including humans to further his agenda to reveal the truth about Clark Kent. He discovers the truth, that Clark has powers beyond his imagination and control. Powers that he wishes to harness for himself. These powers are the catalyst to revealing the type of man Lex Luthor is. A

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