The Hunt In Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game

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The world is full of hunters. Whether they hunt animals for sport, or for food. Whether they hunt animals, or something more sinister. Look closely at what one may see as a hunter and hunted situation. It’s not just seen for the form of entertainment. It doesn’t just apply to the popular murder sport played by lots of southern and western Americans. It can apply to many situations, such as a student and a disliked teacher, a robber and a victim, a bully and the bullied. Be willing to expand the view of this phrase to much more than what immediately comes to mind. In “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, Sanger Rainsford started out as a big game, big name hunter, proud of his work. However, in just a couple of days, he gets a taste of his own medicine. Being hunted as the most dangerous game, by General Zaroff.…show more content…
And you shoot down men?”(Connell 226). General Zaroff was the main hunter of the story. He didn’t hunt animals, though. He hunted people like Rainsford. Rainsford himself was a very big hunter. He loved the thrill. It can be concluded that he has been hunting for a long time by the fact that he has written a book about it all. However, he never really understood it all from the animal's point of view, until he met General Zaroff. He has been hunting for possibly even longer than Rainsford, by the fact that he even says that he was bored by the regular animals, and prefers to hunt the most dangerous game, which is humans. Both are hunters, but only one ends up being

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