Question Behind The Question

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The book “The Question Behind The Question” (QBQ) was written by John G.Miller to instill personal accountability amongst society. We as people always ask questions to ourselves that may come off as being the victim, rather than taking the initiative. Miller (2004) has been sharing his ideas around the nation on how to get people to ask questions that come with responsibility instead of sounding like the victim. Throughout the book, Miller (2004) demonstrates different ways to change questions that we ask. Some of main concepts the author tackles in the book include the following: Personal Accountability, changing ourselves/power of one, and how to apply the question behind the question to our lives. Personal accountability is one of the most important aspects in the QBQ, by taking action anything is accomplished according to Miller (2004). Taking ownership is one of the main points that Miller (2004) states within his book and instead of calling it “personal responsibility,” he refers to it as “personal accountability.” Personal accountability comes from taking charge or initiative. It develops from Question Behind the Question such as, “When is someone going to train…show more content…
My duty is to promote Study Abroad across campus, so I am either known as the “Study Abroad Marketeer.” I do not have a set shift schedule that I have to go by and I do not have my boss telling me what needs to get done. Instead, I am constantly hosting events around campus and presenting to classes without my boss Kristian telling me that I have to do this. I practice personal accountability on a daily basis at my work. I know what has to get done and I do not need to be having people reinforcing my duties. With performing personal accountability at the work place, I have raised awareness on Study Abroad to over 2,000 students last fall semester on
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