Masculinity In The Walking Dead

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Referring back to the texts ‘Breaking bad’ and ‘The Walking Dead’, how significant is the representation of masculinity in each specific text The focus of this essay will be analysing how masculinity is represented in each of my chosen texts and the effect that this representation has on the programme. Each text has varying forms in which they display masculinity within the main characters of whom I shall pay particular attention to in the way there masculinity is built and portrayed. I will concentrate on why as well as how masculinity is represented and this should hopefully help form a clear understanding of its importance in either text. The two texts being used are ‘Breaking Bad (Episode 1, Series 1) and ‘The walking dead’ (Episode 1,…show more content…
Hank, who is probably one of the most pivotal characters in driving the change in Whites masculinity, would be defined as a “Big shot” and the “Action Hero”, which is someone who would be defined by his professional status but who also strong and not silent. Hanks’ manliness wears off on Walter and the gentle teasing that he receives from the likes of Hank most definitely trigger him to change. Walter at the start of the episode would probably be an example of a “Joker” which by definition is somebody who is popular with the males and is often not too serious. However, White seems to be someone who is not taken seriously and often laughed at, instead of with so I use the stereotype “Joker” loosely. By the end of the episode, he would probably go on to fit the definition of a “Jock”, who is someone who will compromise his own health and well being to fight other men etc. An example of this would be his fight scene with Krazy-8 at the end of the…show more content…
Brod (1987) argues that pervasive images of masculinity are ‘real men’ that are strong, aggressive and in control of their work. By this he means, there is a contradiction in the way that the physically strong males will be at the low point in the social hierarchy like manual workers etc. and the more powerful economical males will be less physically strong but stronger in the aspects of the way they control their work and money. Hank seems to be able to fulfil both of these and thus means he is almost a complete male in terms of how masculine he is, Walter on the other hand doesn’t fulfil either role at the start, but does fulfil both at the end through his increase in finances and his boost in

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