Encore Cigarette Ad Analysis Essay

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Context Queen Elizabeth II was crowned queen of England June 2, 1953, and Jonas Stalk tested the polio vaccine on himself and his family. Defining controversial hiring and firing rules for Government Employment, President Eisenhower signed Executive Order 10450 on April 27. The FBI rounded up communist leaders who were planning to overthrow the Government. A pack of cigarettes could be purchased for approximately $0.25 and a gallon of gas for $0.20. The differences between 1953 and today are tremendous. SOAPSTone Published by Encore Cigarettes in 1953, the ad features a young, beautiful, healthy looking female. Utilizing her youth and beauty, Encore convinced young women to associate beauty and health with smoking. Encore cleverly sold the idea of a high lifestyle and beauty to female readers. Analysis…show more content…
Advertisement, printed and televised, in 1950 erupted with color. Encore made two statements with their ad: Smoking their product will bring color to life and it illustrates that they are an exceptional company who can put their ads in color. An advertising technique Encore uses to ensnare female customers is they use a nicely dressed, attractive female model. Encore enticing customers to buy their product with this ad through their choice of image, color scheme and word choice. At a glance, the ad shows a beautiful young lady who has a stylish red hat on with red earrings. The earring, hat, and lipstick all match in their red nature and bring out her piercing blue eyes. Also the ad depicts the woman sporting white elegant gloves holding the white cigarette. The color scheme is red, white and blue. With the Korean War in progress; patriotism is a key selling point. Alluding to the Korean War it incites patriotism in the female reader who may have a loved one fighting in

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