Taehan Lee

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I am writing with pleasure to recommend Taehan Lee as an applicant. This current school year is the second year I have known Taehan as a student. I have had him as a student for AP Calculus AB. Taehan is a joy to have as a student as he is attentive during lecture and an active participant during discussion. is the most well rounded student that I have ever taught. He is extremely bright, respectful, well mannered and sedulous. One of his greatest attributes is his comfort in taking risks and pushing himself to think critically. He shows this in the classroom by fully applying his knowledge towards meaningful attempts at solutions to problems covering material he has not previously encountered. In many ways Taehan is a innovative thinker and is willing to tackle new ideas without being guided through the thought process.…show more content…
After the AP exam had been taken the remaining weeks were dedicated to projects that the volumes of revolution method was used to determine the volume of a solid. Taehan chose a challenging object and was the only student in the class to check his found volume by a method other than water displacement. Instead he decided to liquify his object, a piece of fruit, using a blender and then determined the volume of the liquified fruit by reading off of a beaker. Taehan’s ability to think creatively is proven as he thought of this method on his own accord. Not only does Taehan take risks in the classroom setting, but he also pushes himself outside of class in his own studies. Last year he decided to study for and take the AP Calculus BC exam rather than the AB. He would occasionally ask for clarification or extra work for the BC material, but the grand majority of the learning he completed
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