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The issue of gay rights began in 1969 when police raids on gay bars caused riots in New York; in 1993 the push for homosexual rights turned to marriage (“Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?”). In 1993, the US population was strongly against gay marriage, however people's ideas have changed and in 2015 the supreme court ruled that homosexual couples have the right to marry (Liebleson). Despite the decision by the highest court in the United States, this issue is still highly divisive and many people want to overturn the decision. Gay marriage will have numerous positive effects and will not harm traditional marriages. Many argue that it goes against religion and that gay marriage is unnatural, immoral, and unhealthy, but these arguments and claims…show more content…
The evidence that is given to support this claim is the fact that a homosexual couple cannot create a family on their own (TFP Student Action). It is true that homosexual sex cannot produce children, however, simply because a couple cannot produce children on their own does not mean they should lose the right to marry. The legality of a marriage is not determined by its fertility. An infertile couple, whether it is two partners of the same sex or two partners of the opposite sex, is still capable of raising children, and many do choose to create a family. If the legality of marriage was based on fertility, then not only would homosexuals lose the right to marry, infertile heterosexual couples would also lose that right. Another part of the argument against homosexual families is that the children raised by homosexual couples will suffer as a result of their less traditional home environment (TFP Student Action). Many homosexual couples choose to adopt children. The orphaned children that these couples are adopting already exist. They will be there with or without gay marriage, and they need a home. Homosexual couples are able to provide these children with that home. The legalization of gay marriage means that homosexual couples will be more likely to adopt orphans. Gay marriage provides homosexual couples…show more content…
Many believe that civil unions provided a fair alternative for homosexual couples without redefining marriage (Infogram). Civil unions were similar to marriage, however the benefits were only provided by the state government. Because of this, civil unions were not valid in all states, and this would sometimes create problems for same sex couples. Another problem with the state run civil unions was that the couples did not have any benefits in issues involving the federal government (“What Is A Civil Union?”). Though civil unions did provide homosexual couples with some rights, it was not the same as marriage. For the system to truly be fair, both same sex and opposite sex couples have to be given the same marriage

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