To Kill A Mockingbird: The Great Depression

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In the book, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Great Depression had an effect on most families with jobs. There was no money to pay the people with jobs. By having no money, families like the Cunninghams and Ewells were left with no food and little clothing. This influenced the fathers in being an alcoholic from the tough times. Bob Ewell was a drunk and he would sometimes beat his children out of anger. This played a role in the book by showing how Bob Ewell beat his daughter. Ewell was pleaded innocent. A black male by the name of, Tom Robinson, was convicted when everyone knew he was innocent, but knew he was black man in a time of racism and they could never let him go because of the color of his skin. Later on in the book, he was shot trying…show more content…
In the book, the Cunningham boy had went over to the Finches’ household and ate with them. Once they got food, he ate everything on his plate. It was very challenging for his family to provide a meal every night of the week. The cause of this was from the Great Depression and how neither of his parents were either making little money or none at all. One of the ways they made money, was from selling the crop they had planted that year. They couldn’t eat the crop because then they would have nothing to sell. On another note, the Ewell’s were a family where they had no money and they expected everything to be handed to them out of sorrow. Bob worked for low wages and spent everything on alcohol to try and get away from the pain. His family often had nothing. Tom Robinson came to help Mayella Ewell one evening and she clung to him begging him to get her out of this terrible life and take her with him. Bob, stumbles by the window drunk, see’s that Mayella was on Tom's leg. At this point he thinks they are “fooling around”. Bob continues to the window and calls his daughter a whore and exchanges words with her. Tom then runs away. Later that night, Bob beat his daughter and blamed it on Tom by saying he raoed her. Mayella had a black eye from the beating. He then takes Tom to court. Bob was innocent and Tom went to prison. Tom tries to escape and gets shot. Later in
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