Taboo Language Speech

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Chris William Good evening everyone! Welcome to the William Show, Live from BBC One Studio, London! Tonight we’re having 3 special guests as we’re going to talk deeply about Music, Language, and Decency. Joining me tonight are the famous Robin Thicke, Language Analyst, Charlie Chandler, and a University College London student, Violet Grey! Chris William Today we will be discussing a controversial song titled “Blurred Lines” written and performed by American Singer Robin Thicke feat. T.I., and Pharell Williams. Blurred Lines has been peaked at number one in more than 25 countries. However, critics have appeared in response to the lyrics which have arguably trivialized sexual content directly and explicitly. Not only the lyrics, several…show more content…
I wrote it as a present to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Notwithstanding, I assume the word “b*tch” is considered as a compliment in here. Besides, it has gone through the history of the way word changes as the connotation becomes less sensitive as people use it more in every day conversation, right? Chris William Interesting. I believe that all the topics that we were discussing are to be called Taboo Language. As I recall, Taboo language has changed over time, isn’t it? Charlie Chandler Yes, indeed. If Mr. Thicke argued that in his song lyric, the word “bitch” has a positive connotation, and it can possibly consider as Amelioration. However, the main question is what words are considered to be decent and appropriate for society. Robin Thicke The idea when we made this song is to empower women, but I deeply apologize if the lyrics can get misconstrued as you mentioned that the song is misogynistic. Chris William Long discussion here. What about you, Violet? Violet Grey I believe that even though music is one of the way to express feelings as well as individual’s identity and is addressed for your wife, although words considered to be offensive may offend numerous
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