Personal Narrative Essay: My Wedding Day

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It was a beautiful Sunday morning on 23rd July 2017. There was warmth in the air and the view was wonderful. From high up on the balcony of the Lodge on Loch Lomond I could see islands framing the loch, varying in size and colour. The sky was clear with only a few clouds floating around like fluffy white marshmallows. Furthermore, the sounds of waves crashing on the shore complemented the idyllic location where the ceremony would soon begin. 23rd July, my wedding day, was a day that I had dreamt about throughout my whole childhood. The sound of pipes filled the air alongside muffled sounds of excited chatter from the guests, waiting excitedly for the main attraction. Just out of view of the guests, at the top of the aisle, I was patiently…show more content…
However, in comparison to how I felt in this situation earlier in the day - as I was about to walk down the aisle; I now felt excitement and complete happiness. As the doors opened and the piper began to walk, we followed hand in hand – into a chorus of cheers and a sea of smiling faces. Once seated at the top table alongside my new husband and the wedding party I was able to take in the whole situation properly for the first time that day. Looking around the room at all of our friends and family huddled around the tables talking and laughing with each other was one of the greatest feelings. Each and every one of them was here for us, to celebrate one of the most important days of our lives. There and then I felt like my heart could burst with pride and contentment. Planning our wedding day had by no means been plain sailing. It had taken two years to plan - we had arguments, we desired items out with our budget and we had many sleepless nights. Nevertheless, the moment had finally happened and we had gotten married. I turned to Neil and whispered “I love you”. Smiling he whispered back “I love you, thank-you for making me the happiest man alive” and pulled me closer to

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