Taboo Words: Lexicon Of Offensive Emotional Language

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Taboo words are sanctioned by the institutions of power and are used to describe the lexicon of offensive emotional language. They are sanctioned and restricted on both institutional and individual levels under the assumption that harm would occur if the taboo word is spoken. Swearing and the use of taboo words and expressions is common in speaking, we often hear and also use them both in private and in public settings and in films, on televisions and on radios. The word Nigger is a six letter word, where its roots are derived from the word “negro”, Spanish for the color black that has lived as a slur for two hundred years. The concept of the word “nigger” was used as a weapon of mass destruction, used to degrade and harm anyone of African…show more content…
As the word “Nigger” is both widely disseminated and appreciated, banning the use, even as an insult would become more difficult. Banning the use of the word “Nigger” does not silence racism but alienates non-black minorities. It is also inappropriate to specifically ban a racial slur against one group as it fails to address problems faced by various other groups, and making it seem acceptable to use slurs against Asians, Jews, Lesbians or gays. By using taboo words like “Nigger”, positive social outcomes would be achieved in jokes and humor, social commentary, self-deprecation and ironic sarcasm to promote social harmony and cohesion. Casual usage of taboo words like “Nigger” might not be intended to be offensive, but used to achieve a positive outcome from replacing physical violence with speech, in order to feel a sense of relief after saying it. Taboo lexicon is used for a wide range of emotional expressions to achieve personal and social goals. For example, the phrase “Yo Nigga” would be seen as a “Hey what’s up” towards another person in a non vulgar way, without any negative emphasis behind it. The emotional impact of taboo words produces a unique high level of arousal unlike other non-taboo words. Therefore, words like “Nigger” persist because they are able to intensify emotional communication to a degree that a non-taboo words

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