James Marcia's Four Identity Values

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Analysis Firstly I want to start with explain James Marcia’s (1991) four identity statuses. These statuses are identity achievement, foreclosure, moratorium, and identity diffusion. Its level of exploration or commitment determines these statuses. According to Marcia, commitment is an individual’s stable investment of values, goals and beliefs. In this theory, exploration is mentioned about as active questioning and searching among replacements in the quest to establish goals, values and beliefs (Marcia, 1991). According to our course book, Childhood and adolescence: Voyage in Development, Identity achievement is that an identity status that characterized those who have explored alternatives and have developed commitments. Foreclosure…show more content…
When I made a decision my parents did not judge me or made pressure on me. Supportive relationship between my family and me has enabled me to have an autonomous and confident character. This respectful and helpful attitude from my parents affected me in a positive way and helps me attain identity achievement. In addition to that I want to mention about four parenting styles that these are very relevant with this topic. There are four parenting styles; these are authoritative, neglectful, authoritarian and permissive. My parents’ parenting style was authoritative. Authoritative parenting style includes respecting the development of autonomy and self-direction. So this approach (authoritative approach) of my family and their help in gaining me identity achievement has been influential on my current personality. We can see that parents approaches to situations and parenting style is very influential for adolescent’s…show more content…
My parents did not enmesh me or did not pressure on me so my current personality hasn’t got perfectionism. In study 2, parent’s separation anxiety and perfectionism is investigated, but in my adolescence I have never experience this situation, due to I want to continue with study 3. Study 3 examines that relationship between psychological parent control and adolescent dependency, self-criticism and depressive syndromes. Their psychological control level is very moderate so my dependency on my parents is quite normal. In addition to that independent decision-making makes me more confident being more confident leads me appropriate self-criticism and in relation to it I did not demonstrate any depressive syndrome

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