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Comparing 3G data packs of T24 with its major competitors i.e. Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Tata DoCoMo the following facts are inferred out: T24 offers nationalized products to its customers while on the other hand its competitors like Tata DoCoMo, Airtel, Idea and Vodafone offers different products in different circles. T24 3G packs rates are much lower than its competitors. T24 uses network of Tata DoCoMo but still the rates of data packs of T24 are much lower than Tata DoCoMo. VIII. BENEFITS OF T24 T24 is a telecom network that helps customers of Future Group to do much more than just stay connected with their loved ones. With this network, customers get to talk as well as to shop with their heart out. Customers get the best talk time…show more content…
In T24, with the help of technological infrastructure provided by Tata Teleservices Limited, Future Group can easily track its customers and retain them by providing shopping offers accordingly. This loyalty program also helps Future Group to create a new brand under its name and to generate revenue. As compared to other loyalty program like Payback Loyalty Program, Future Bazaar Club, this loyalty program results most effective and profitable for Future Group. Also, the Future Group has not to invest much on this as the company also has its retail setup and T24 business model is compatible with company’s infrastructure. It requires only a desk for its operations. IX. WHY T24 IS NOT SUCCESSFUL? T24 gives better offers than its competitors but still it is not successful. Few factors that affect its success are: T24 does not offer postpaid service to its customers. There is less awareness of T24 as a brand among customers. The major drawback is that the advertisement of T24 is restricted to Future Group retail stores only. There is no network coverage of T24 in 5 circles of India which includes Delhi/NCR. There is no 3G service of T24 in its 8…show more content…
CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS T24 is a new concept and is launched for the first time in telecommunication sector in India and is based on “Talk More, Shop More” or “Shop More, Talk More” concept. It provides cheap call rates to customers and also adds reward points to customers’ accounts on shopping. Both Future Group and Tata Teleservices can generate revenue from T24 without any additional expenditure in infrastructure. So, T24 is beneficial for all the three i.e. customers, Tata Teleservices and Future Group. But still T24 is not successful. Few recommendations for T24 are: Future Group need to spend more money on advertisement of T24 in order to create awareness among the prospective customers as well as for the existing

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