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INTRODUCTION Years passed but war has not been stopped. At the same time so many people’s life is been destroyed in the war. To save human life we are implementing robotics in military. Even robots are used as fighting weapon. Risky jobs which cannot be done by humans are done with the help of the robots. During the risky operation if problem occur only there is loss of robots and that may result in loss of money. But whereas human life are precious which can be saved. HISTORY OF MILITARY ROBOTICS Robotics were started to develop in the 19th century. There are so many implementations have brought into the military during those days and which were used in the world war I and II. Till up to date research is being under process for the robotics…show more content…
But some of the recent implementation are been listed here. MARCBOT MARCBOT refers to Multi-function Agile Remote Control Robert. It is like a toy truck where camera is been fixed into it. It is been used by the military solider. It works for 6 hours with fully charged battery. This was implemented to get the headlines in the wars. When compared to other robot this is very less in cost and it is also inexpensive. In Iraq it was first ground robot to draw the blood. This type of robots is been used to save the life of the solider. Instead of sending the solider to know the current status we can use robot for that purpose. Its remote can cover 100 meter distance also. The mission can be sent in the night time also which has the low-light LED camera. GUARDBOT It is a ball which is in spherical shape. Camera is been placed in the guardbot which is covered with the fiberglass. It is been used in land, mud, rock and water. It is also made with the battery which works for 8 hours in full charge. It covers the distance 6mph on land and in water 3mph. the structure of the ball is 60 centimeter in diameter. This robot was developed by Mexican television when they were watching a live soccer match. It can be access through remotes. It captures not only the image even it has the ability to capture the sound. This is been used in the commercial application, homeland security and in…show more content…
The camera consists of the wireless transmitter. IR (Infra Red) light is been used to produce the image source by placing the cluster of IR LEDs. The entire control is done by remote. They have developed spy robots which can be used in the ground, underwater and in the sky also. Different varieties of spy robots are been in the developing process. Bomb-disposal robots This type of robots is used to save the human life. During a disposal of the bomb, we don’t know what may happen it may burst or defused. When it is been blasted there is a loss of a person who were trying to diffuse it. So they that robots is been brought in.  The first type of bomb disposal robot was Wheelbarrow. This robot was invented in 1972 by Lieutenant-colonel ‘Peter’ Miller.  Then to replace the wheelbarrow they introduced CUTLASS in the year 2012. It was designed for the British Armed force. It was maneuverable wheeled robot designed to assess a threat and deal with it in a single mission. It is faster than the Wheelbarrow. It consists of camera, so that the operator can be viewed.  They transformed to the smallest product of the robot which was “IRobert”. In the irobert the most popularly used one is “PACKBOT”. Packbot is a multi-faced Robert. It was made popular by its versatility in Iraq and

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