Ecological Conversion Analysis

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problem. The best solution would be to achieve a transformation involving the elements of ecological conversion. Schauffler gives the list of six ecological conversion elements as follow: 1. Bedrock 2. Remembrance 3. Reflection 4. Revelation 5. Reciprocity 6. Resistance and Ritual All these ecological conversion elements serve as an inevitable source to transform a person. As Schauffler states “We tend to view environmental crises as occurring outside us, rather than admitting that they stem from who we are and how we live” (2). To overcome this wrong view of considering environmental crises as something which sprung from outside, one has to realize the fact that the term Ecology originally mean “household” or “home”, drawn from the Greek…show more content…
Williams consider the “bedrock” as one which joins the inner and outer ecology. This concept of the merging - outer and inner ecology, opposes the long standing philosophy which always divides the self and surroundings. However, the blending of inner ecology with outer ecology erodes one way or the other to fell in love with the nature. It creates such a transcend that as “geological bedrock is not reducible; one’s bedrock identity is an indivisible part of a vast whole” (Schauffler, 27-28). Momaday too should have experienced this state, therefore the natural elements like sun, moon, air and the animals like horse and bear occupied a major space in his writings. Many passage and stanza from his novels and poems respectively echoes the merging of his inner ecology with outer ecology. In the novel The Ancient Child, major chapters put forth the notion of man’s unity with nature. The protagonist Locke Setman after spending years of life in mainstream America comes back to his tribal land for his grandmother’s death. His visit to his traditional land makes a great impact on him. He ultimately finds peace in the desolate nature. His quest for life and restlessness finds a solution in communion with nature. All the characters in this novel are blended together with nature and hence serve as a best example for ‘bedrock’

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