Systemic Functional Linguistics

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This research uses Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) by Halliday to analyze the ideology that relies on the transitivity analysis found in Emma Watson’s speech for the HeForShe campaign. SFL is an approach that helps a researcher in analyzing meanings that are made in everyday linguistic interactions (Eggins, 2004:1). It is related to texts, how they work, how to produce them, how they are meant differently by different people, and how they are valued by the culture (Eggins, 2004:1). Halliday also explored his research in linguistic analysis and proposed the development of a detailed functional grammar of modern English that shows how simultaneous strands of meanings are expressed in clause structures (Eggins, 2004:2). Systemic Functional…show more content…
These processes come out and stand between two different processes which are mentioned before as a result of the combination of different futures from the two processes and it acquires its own character. Between material and mental process there is behavioral process. This process is as a representation of the combination between conscious actions that people do as in outer experience and psychological states. Another process that comes between mental and relational process is verbal process. This process shows a process of how human consciousness is expressed through language which in the end it produces saying or even meaning. The last type is existential process which comes from relational and material process. This process deals with the existence of phenomena in which it is considered to be happened or existed. The detail explanation of each type of transitivity processes then will be explained…show more content…
Mel didn’t tell me the truth Sayer Verbal Process Receiver Verbiage A verbal process typically has three participants which are Sayer, Receiver, and Verbiage. Sayer is a participant that is responsible for the verbal process. It does not have to be a conscious being, it can be anything that is capable of putting out signal. The Receiver is the one to whom the verbal process is directed. While the Verbiage is a nominalized statement of the verbal process: a noun expressing some kind of verbal behavior (e.g. statement, questions, retort, answer, story . . .) (Eggins 2004:235). e) Existential Process Existential process is a process that expresses the existence of something which it is actually exist or real. This process can be identified easily by noticing the structure which involves the use of the word there. The word there in existential Subject, does not refer to a location as in Circumstance of

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