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Writing is a basic communication skill and a unique asset in the process of learning a second language. Both aspect of writing are important in the typical language class, and both can serve to reinforce the other (Chastain, 1988). Writing may not be the goals of all language courses. Writing is one of the four language skills taught in language courses. In composition courses the emphasis is primarily on writing as communication, although increased knowledge of the language system is one of the by- products of writing to express one’s ideas. It involves an interaction between three elements that interact in getting to the final product: 1. the text, 2. the writer, 3. the reader, which requires writers’ consideration of all them in order to write accordingly. In this part review writing…show more content…
The most influential theory was set forth by Flower and Hayes (1981), who proposed a cognitive model of recursive writing consisting of three major elements: 1) the planning stage, in turn subdivided into smaller processes such as generating ideas, organizing these ideas and setting the goals for writing; 2) the translating stage, in which writers articulate and write down their thoughts generated in the first stage; and 3) the reviewing stage, in which writers evaluate and revise the text. The strength of this model was that it provided teachers with a theory about how to teach the writing skill. Researchers began to focusing on writing not as a product but as a process, thereby decreasing the focus on grammar and spelling. In writing generating ideas through to editing of the final text is the process. The main role of the teacher first was foster learners’ creativity, and then to guide them in the process of drafting, revising and editing their writings. Based on this approach error were expressed in natural and corrected in the final stages of the writing process. Writing within an Interactionist

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