Strengths And Weaknesses Of Amazon

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Introduction: Amazon is a type of electronic commerce and cloud computer computing company. It is among the biggest online retailers at international level. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. It was started in Seattle, Washington. The status of Amazon Company is considered equal to the status of Wal-Mart because of global extended business of Amazon. Good pricing strategies and perfect management of all business activities is the key of success of Amazon. Amazon has different retailer websites for different countries such as United States, Australia, England, India etc. In start, Amazon was a slow growing company and for first five years, it did not make a good profit. But after five years, Company’s business becomes successful and a big…show more content…
Internet has causes a big change in business strategies of all type of small or large scale business. Online retail businesses with the help of internet are getting successful because it is very convenient and economic for customers. Customers just have to purchase items from the website of the company and then selected items are delivered to customers in hours to days. There is no need to rush for parking, location of business, no big crowds and no deal with traffic. In 2003, these all benefits were considered by Jeff Bezos and online retail company Amazon was founded by him. Today, Amazon is considered as giant among the online retailing…show more content…
Company was started with online retailing of books and today it offers thousands of items from electronic products to shoes. In last 10 years, Amazon has got a big success in online retail market.  Customer buying behavior is carefully recorded by the company with the help of CRM strategies. This helps the company to offer discounts, item list and other services to its customers. This has cause an increase of about 67% customers throughout the year. So customer centric is one of the important strengths of

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