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Design an e-Commerce for Mr. Rahim Grocery Shop 3.1 Investigation of market potential for e-commerce opportunity Mr.Rahim lives in Dhaka city nearby Mohammadpur,as a business analyst I am going to investigate market potential for an e-commerce opportunity of grocery store in his local area, including delivery service. I would suggest him first to hire a small apartment for running his own business by setting up the necessary requirements.Before proceeding Mr. Rahim should have good knowledge about some of the following things:- Market research is collection & recording of data after analysis of marketing goods & services in a systematic manner, then providing solutions problems about advertising & sells. PEST & SWOT analysis is applied before…show more content…
Rahim’s grocery store is engaged in selling goods to customers in a B2C(business to consumer) relationship ietransactions are conducted directly between the company and consumers who are the end-users of its products or services.The chance for sale will occur, only if the customers visit the establishment. By introducing an e-commerce chances are that customers will purchase products online that will increase the overall sales. Customers using current take away service are similar to a potential customers using e-commerce service, only differentiates in home delivery. Growth rate of take away customers after introducing an e-commerce would grow approximately 500% in a year period. This is based on an assumption, that Mr. Rahim will gain 50% of market share from 10,000 possible customers interested in the online…show more content…
Due to this time factor, it is important to use direct distribution and utilize company's own resources. This is achievable because the customers are located in the close proximity to the grocery store only on a local scale. Because of the small volume of sales, it is not required to hire another employee to carry out distribution, but it will be necessary to obtain a lorry dedicated to this purpose. Advantage of direct distribution is better understanding of customers through personal contact with them. Mr. Rahim’s grocery store will continue to offer a take away service, with a discounted price without the delivery charge, for a products purchased

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