The Pros And Cons Of Ethical Eco-Tourism

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I decided that my tips on respecting wildlife needed to be split into separate segments. There can be many facets to cover within this topic. In case you’re unaware sea life has taken quite a hit due to human intervention and tourism. Animals and the environment have suffered some losses. Therefore, it seemed most appropriate to dive into the waters of ethical eco-tourism. Water activities are great, particularly within the ocean. There can be so much to explore and experience and there are several ways to go about doing that. I’m going to begin by talking about animal experiences. Now most people are aware of a little documentary called “Black Fish”, which exposed Sea World’s maltreatment of their animals, namely the orca whales. However, Sea World isn’t the only guilty corporation…show more content…
There are a lot of steps that one can take to travel more ethically. However, if I were to cover every issue and a possible remedy, I'd be writing until my fingers fell off. Therefore, I'm going to close this segment off by writing about ecotourism parks. If you've travelled to Cancun you may know what I'm talking about. There are basically some 'natural' waterparks/aquariums located in the bay waters of the ocean. I'm only speaking for the parks that I've been to in Cancun, although, I'm sure there are other parks of this nature throughout the world. These parks have a lot of activities and wildlife to see. Some of the wildlife is captive, most of the wildlife isn't. So here's my quick tip for experiencing these parks, don't take part in the captive animal encounters. You can enter the park and pay for your admission without supporting animals in captivity that are used for entertainment and performance. Simply don't pay for those add-ons. The less people that pay for these services, the more likely that these services will be canceled and the animals will be surrendered. The park that I went to was called Xel-Ha in Quintana

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