Argumentative Essay On Children Or Adults

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Children or Adults? It's easy to think of common stereotypes when talking about those of whom who chose to live life on the other side of the law. But what if these criminals that we are speaking of are themselves in fact still legally children. This is a common question that arises in many circles. Children are the future of our world and to have that tarnished by what could have been an act of misjudgment or even the result of coercion from another is not acceptable. Children should be treated differently than an adult simply due to the fact they are not an adult. Being an adult comes with being sentenced as an adult and inserting an already troubled youth into an environment filled with real criminals will not aid in that. Also, kids are…show more content…
Having serious crimes on one's criminal record would destroy their chances of getting a job and/or having a bright future. "Teens tried as adults commit more crimes when released; their educational and employment prospects are markedly worse, creating opportunity and incentive for more crime; they bear a lifelong, potentially debilitating stigma." (Vanderbilt Law School) Not being able to get a good job could hold the individual back from opportunities that could really enhance their lives and make them less likely to recommit. It completely diminishes any hope or positive thought they may have had for themselves. It would be incredibly hard for them to have a family or really ever be happy in life again. They would not be able to have the fresh start they really need in life. Also, it would be really hard for them to make the transition from an institution to the public world again. They would not be comfortable out in the eye of the public. This could take many years of therapy for them to recover from. Everyone in life deserves the chance to be successful and if children are treated as adults they never really get a good chance at

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