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2.1 Liberty of expression: We all have the right to express ourselves in any way we want without having any type of problems with the government. This applies to most things, such as: books, radio or television broadcastings, works of art, communication on the internet, etc. The liberty of expression is very important to people that have to make their work public for other people to see. They are free to criticize the state without any type of problem; however, the media does care about other people’s rights, for example, the right to respect their private life. There are also many restrictions for this freedom as well. Even though you have the freedom to express yourself in your views and beliefs, you also have the responsibility…show more content…
This right includes the liberty to hold opinions and receive them as well. It also includes the freedom to write or say information without the interference of the police regardless of any frontiers. All this carries duties and responsibilities. 2.2 Plagiarism: Many people try to disguise or excuse this by using terms like “copying” and “borrowing” other people’s work or ideas. But actually this is a very, very serious matter. This word means: to steal some other person’s ideas or things such as: the words or things someone else came up with and use them as their own, or to use someone else’s production without crediting the source appropriately, to commit literary theft, to present as original and new an idea or a product from an existing course. So basically, this is an act fraud. It involves both stealing and lying about someone else’s work. According to the U.S law, words can be stolen. What someone expresses in their original ideas is considered private property and is protected by protected by copyright laws, just like as if it was an original invention. Mostly all forms of expression are under the copyright protection, just by being recorded in some way. (Book or computer

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