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What is tetanus?! Tetanus, is a serious infection caused by Clostridium tetani; Also it called lockjaw. Tetanus is different from diseases because it does not spread from person to person while the bacteria are usually found in soil, dust and manure and can enter the body through breaks in the skin and usually cuts or puncture wounds caused by contaminated objects. This bacterium produce a toxin that affects the brain and nervous system, leading to stiffness in muscles. When the Clostridium tetani spores are deposited in a wound, neurotoxin will interferes with nerves that control muscle movement. Also the infection can cause muscle spasms, serious breathing difficulties, and can ultimately be fatal. Causes Spores of the bacteria which cause tetanus, Clostridium tetani which found in soil, dust or in animal feces. When they enter a deep wound, spores grow into bacteria that can produce a toxin, the toxin is tetanospasmin, which impairs the…show more content…
Complications:- Once tetanus toxin has bonded to nerve endings it is impossible to remove and recover. Only Complete recovery from a tetanus infection requires to new nerve endings to grow, which take up to several months. Some Complications of tetanus infection may include: • Broken bones which means The severity of spasms may cause the spine and other bones to break. • Blockage of a lung artery A blood clot that has traveled from elsewhere in your body can block the main artery of the lung or one of its branches. • Death which will be in severe tetanus-induced muscle spasms can interfere with or stop your breathing. Also Respiratory failure is the most common cause of death in patient with tetanus. Lack of oxygen may also induce cardiac arrest and death. Also Pneumonia is another cause of death which means the inflammation of lungs . Treatments for tetanus:

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